You had me at…back-to-school

You had me at…back-to-school It’s been way too long. Summer has come and gone in a blink of an eye and now fall is on the horizon or if you’re shopping in Target right now…apparently Halloween is too. Blah, blah, blah…it’s the same story every year as moms get teary-eyed sending their kids back-to-school with a new pair of […]
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Valentine’s Day made simple…!? So just like that it’s February and you haven’t heard from me in two weeks. How does that happen? The time just flying by. Then I saw this iPhone cover and I thought…I really NEED this! Because we are all so BUSY. I love being busy. I do busy very well. If I have too […]
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Four fab things to do this weekend It was along time ago but vaguely, I can remember a weekend pre-kids. It kicked off with a late night dinner with cocktails at some swanky downtown restaurant, sleeping in until whenever on Saturday morning, perhaps going to the gym, a little shopping, followed by cooking dinner and watching a movie in the evening. On […]
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15 frightening things about 2015 Every once in awhile I wake up and can’t believe how fast the years have flown by and how did I get to this space in time where I’m responsible for three little people and guiding them through life. So now it’s 2015 and frankly, I get more and more frightened with each passing year as […]
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Mama’s back…again…again Why hello there Mamas! Yes, it’s true after an almost two-year hiatus on the ol’ blog and being busy with my three busy kids, I decided that it was high time to revitalize my writing career and spark up the blog again. While it hasn’t been that I didn’t want to write or that I […]
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