Reinvent a New & Improved Aging Experience For 2017

Reinvent a New & Improved Aging Experience For 2017 Do you ever get distressed when you think about getting older? Is it because you’re fighting the aging process, rather than enjoying your maturity? Are you basing your beliefs on society’s notion of old age and buying into the notion that aging means more pain, more illness, less energy and more problems? Start over this […]
H is For Healthy and For Holiday The average weight gain between Halloween and New Years Day is 12 pounds. Most illnesses come between Halloween and Valentines Day when many are pumping their bodies (and their children’s bodies) with lots of sugary treats. Sugar affects our immune system and vitamin C absorption. How can we avoid the weight gain and the illnesses […]
Oakland Audiology Continues With Janet Perkins After 22 years Rosalind Leisner is taking a step back at her position as practice owner at Oakland Audiology to pursue her passion of traveling.  But never fear, she is leaving you in good hands with plans to finish out the year at Oakland Audiology spending at least three days a week in the office.  […]
Healthy Trick Or Treats Kids Will Love With childhood obesity increasing at alarming rates, consider healthy alternatives when trick-or-treaters ring your doorbell. The calories in bite-size Halloween treats add up quickly. Four “bite size” chocolate bars contain approximately 320 calories, 25 jelly beans have 140 calories, and 20 pieces of candy corn add up to 100 calories. You don’t have to pass […]
Off To School For The Hearing Impaired Each school year is a new beginning, presenting children and parents with challenges but also opportunities for growth and progress. Transitioning from the carefree and fun-filled summer days into the busyness and increased demands of structured school time can be a difficult period for everyone in the family, but you may discover even more challenges […]

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