Liberation of San Diego Freeway Sign Celebrates Sea World.

Liberation of San Diego Freeway Sign Celebrates Sea World. *This enhancement was submitted by an anonymous source.* The California Highway Patrol says it’s the work of three vandals. Calls were made just before 3 p.m. on Sunday reporting three men park a car on the shoulder, run across the southbound lanes with a ladder before one of them climbed on the sign to make […]
Billboard Liberation Front to Appear at John Levine Gallery in NYC, August 8th BLF co-founder, CEO and chief bottle washer Jack Napier in art show in NYC. Finally outed by rock-n-roller Anton Newcombe, Jack Napier is forced to sell out after 35 years of anonymity. “Unlike Banksy, no one really seemed to care we were anonymous!” stated Napier (John Law). In like manner, BLF CIO _____ (Blank) DeCoverly […]
SF Book Release of Trespass At City Light Books, Feb 17 The Billboard Liberation Front is hosting a book event for the Tashen imprint Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Art at City Lights Hosts: City Lights Books, Peter Maravelis and Jack Napier Featuring: Taschen editor Ethel SenoPresentation by BLF CIO ______ Blank Decoverly Short video featuring author Carlo McCormick and Wooster Collective. Various artists featured in […]
______ DeCoverly to appear on SF Game Show Blank DeCoverly, BLF spokesperson will be appearing live along with other SF celebrities at CELLSpace on January 21st! The greatest game show ever to hit the small screen returns in a star-studded LIVE production!  Watch as two contestants match their wits against a panel of San Francisco’s most outrageous celebrities in a verbal slugfest of […]
Stella Artois, A Thing of Beauty We at the BLF have been assisting fatigued advertising copywriters to strengthen their corporate messages for over thirty years. Advertising is the language of our Culture, as BLF CEO Jack Napier noted almost as many years ago. And the primary use of language is to to communicate ideas. The most efficient and direct communication of […]

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