Manipulating motivation in mice

Manipulating motivation in mice In humans, the medial orbitofrontal cortex (mOFC) is thought to be important for determining the value of a perceived reward. Through manipulation of a growth factor in the mOFC, Emory scientists were able to modulate a mouse’s tendency to persist in reward seeking. Image from O’Doherty et al, PLOS Biology (2006).
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Miitomo updated to version 1.1.3

Miitomo updated to version 1.1.3 Nintendo has updated their social mobile app, Miitomo, to version 1.1.3. What’s new? The update apparently includes “speed optimizations for some processes” and bug fixes. Continue reading →

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Loving Django Piston

Loving Django Piston A couple of years ago when I was first getting into Python and Django I experimented with building some RESTful services. Maybe it was because of my lack of experience with the platform but I don’t remember it being particularly easy. Fast-forward a few years and it couldn’t be easier. A simple pip install django-piston then followed […] Continue reading “Loving Django Piston”

The Circus

The Circus via GIPHY If you did not know, I am obsessed with pop culture. Everything about it… I constantly have to be on the up and up on what is going on in our world today. The reoccurring topic of course has been this year’s upcoming presidential election or The Circus as I like to refer to it. Never have I seen such a blatant attempt to steer the populous from making sound decisions as I’ve seen in this election cycle. One minute someone’s calling another “lying Ted” another candidate is being judged by the size of his hands (well we all know what small hands mean..but I digress) there’s an email scandal and maybe an indictment. Oh and how can we forget, a possible coup at the upcoming convention. I mean I love Shonda Rhymes and the writers of “Scandal” but I don’t even think they could have made some of this stuff up…this could only happen in a Circus right?! These candidates are like clowns in a circus… And I’m not saying this because of the current antics. You know, there is just something quite erie about clowns. They are supposed to make you feel good but you just […]
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Pimp your Rack – Regalfüller für “blaugelbe” Regale

Pimp your Rack – Regalfüller für “blaugelbe” Regale Wer kennt das nicht, die Ike…. Regale sind vollgestopft mit Kram und plötzlich meldet sich Besuch an. Mit den bunten PimpyourRack-Regalfüllern ist das Chaos schnell beseitigt. Man stellt sie einfach VOR das Chaos und schnell ists aufgeräumt und man kann sich die passende Zeit suchen um die gewünschte Ordnung später herzustellen. Zur Zeit sind die […] Continue reading “Pimp your Rack – Regalfüller für “blaugelbe” Regale”

Outstanding garnacha for everyday drinking

Outstanding garnacha for everyday drinking Friends of mine in the wine industry often say that wines that go for $15 a bottle today are often better than wines that cost twice as much in the late ’80s and early 90s. I can see their reasoning: today, buyers have an almost infinite number of choices of wines at this price level […] Continue reading “Outstanding garnacha for everyday drinking”

Harbour strike ends – PM finds solutions

Harbour strike ends – PM finds solutions Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe initiated action for the immediate resolution of issues of the Harbour employees. During a meeting held with Trade Union representatives of the harbour, the Prime Minister agreed to provide a special New Year allowance to the workers, in addition to offering a special allowance in the Month of December. The Joint Continue reading “Harbour strike ends – PM finds solutions”